N’Faly Latest, Thoughts After Visit

These past few days, the #2 center in the class of 2020 visited Kentucky with thoughts of reclassifying. Wic went on Everything College Basketball, the podcast, to discuss him as a player and where he stands now…check it out here. For those of you who do not know, he is from Wichita. Along with his family, Kentucky is also pushing for a reclassification due to his ability to own the paint and it doesn’t hurt that he is long as hell. While he is technically 6 foot 11 inches, his wingspan stretches to 7 foot 5 and some measurements even think it is bigger. His length allows him to have an elite shot blocking ability and there is no one better to teach him the game than Kentucky’s own Kenny Payne. You know, the guy who trained AD, KAT, Bam and pretty much every single big Calipari has ever produced. Payne can bring out the raw talent that Dante possesses and he could easily learn behind Montgomery and Richards. But as he wrapped up his visit with the Cats, here is where I think we stand.

According to all accounts, N’Faly loved his visit to Kentucky. In fact, his AAU director called Kenny Payne “family” and his host mom called Kentucky “extraordinary.” N’Faly Dante has the potential to be the next big man to successfully come out of Kentucky but it would take some building. He has the skills, the has the work ethic, and Kenny Payne and Calipari could bring him to his full potential. Right now, he is a more a Bam with his defense and lack of an outside shot…but with work and constant practice, Dante could transform into a KAT with the ability to play anywhere. I think Dante is a stud and he could possibly be a two year player which would just further enhance the roster.

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According to sources, N’Faly and his family want to reclassify. There is a huge hiccup though and it comes with the fact he is from Mali and english is his second language. As Wic discussed on the podcast, reclassifying is hard enough as it is but it is even harder when english isn’t your first language but Kyle Tucker (via the Athletic) claims that they are working around the clock to do everything they can to potentially bring him up.

Here are my thoughts…if and it’s about 50/50 right now, IF N’Faly reclassifies Kentucky is in the driver’s seat. He could potentially stay home at Kansas and even Oregon is atop of is list, but Kentucky is the school he has his eyes on and his host family feels the exact same way. If I had to take a guess, I think he will reclassify but it would happen after Peach Jam and those AAU events. This gives him more time to visit, work on school work, and show off his skills against the elite of the elite. It may be a waiting process, but I think the Cats wrap up their 2019 recruiting class with N’Faly.

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Author: Juice

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