Huge Update for 2019-2020 Roster

As it was reported earlier this week from Evan Daniels and company, N’Faly Dante is currently on Kentucky’s campus and is absolutely “loving it” according to his father. When Kerry Blackshear committed to Florida, Kentucky immediately switched to their Plan B (should have been Plan A). N’Faly Dante is strongly considering reclassifying to 2019 but as Kyle Tucker put in his piece on the Athletic, “Any time with a kid who has English as his second language, he’s had to work his butt off academically. That’s not an easy thing to do. So they’re still trying to push through all of those requirements and make sure they make the best decision for him. It’s as much an academic question as it is athletic, because obviously he has the talent to play right now. They have to make sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, so it’s all still up in the air because of that.”

N’Faly Dante is the 2nd ranked center in the 2020 class but his family seems to be pushing for him to reclassify into 2019. While he is from Wichita, Kentucky is also pushing for a reclassification due to his ability to own the paint and it doesn’t hurt that he is long as hell. While he is technically 6 foot 11 inches, his wingspan stretches to 7 foot 5 and some measurements even think it is bigger. His length allows him to have an elite shot blocking ability and there is no one better to teach him the game than Kentucky’s own Kenny Payne. You know, the guy who trained Boogie, AD, KAT, Bam and pretty much every single big Calipari has ever produced. Payne can bring out the raw talent that Dante possesses and he could easily learn behind Montgomery and Richards. 

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Not only does Dante fit perfect into Kentucky, his host mom calls Kentucky “extraordinary” and his AAU director calls Kenny Payne “family.” N’Faly Dante has the potential to be the next big man to successfully come out of Kentucky but it would take some building. He has the skills, the has the work ethic, and Kenny Payne and Calipari could bring him to his full potential. Right now, he is a more a Bam with his defense and lack of an outside shot…but with work and constant practice, Dante could transform into a KAT with the ability to play anywhere. I think Dante is a stud and he could possibly be a two year player which would just further enhance the roster.

Dante is still considering the reclassification as well as a few other schools including Kansas, LSU, Oregon, and a few others. I think Kentucky is easily in the driver’s seat and this weekend could pull him closer to the 2019 reclassification. Our 2019 roster is already stacked, but Dante brings more depth, more competition, and an all around better feel around the team especially with adding another 5. Time will tell, but I think Dante reclassifies and joins Kentucky in the coming weeks.

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