Celtics Are the Frontrunner for Kemba Walker

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Boston Celtics are now the favorites to land All-star guard Kemba Walker.

Coming off a 25.6 point and 5.9 assist season, Kemba is one of the hottest names in this year’s offseason. And with Celtics losing their star point guard Kyrie Irving to free agency, they need Walker now more than ever.

Danny Ainge has changed up his team building strategy as of late to free up as much cap space as possible as opposed to collecting assets like normal. The Celtics have $30+ million in cap space to work with leaving plenty of room to sign the 29 year old All-star and still have room to surround him with talent.

Kemba, being a great ball handler and excellent facilitator, would make him a great fit in Boston. The young core led by Brown and Tatum needs a veteran leader to allow them to grow as a unit. While he may not be the offensive presence that Kyrie is, he still demands attention and his selfless playing style can unlock his teammate’s untapped potential.

Brad Stevens also knows just how good Kemba is. Having played him in the NBA for years, and also in 2011 when his Butler Bulldogs met Kemba and UConn in the NCAA Championship. I am sure that Stevens wants his revenge, but having him as his starting point guard would suffice.

Author: Wic

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