Kerry Blackshear Finally Commits (Sources)

According to Jeff Goodman, Kerry Blackshear has finally informed everyone that he is attending Florida for his final season. It’s a shock honestly, considering a big part of him transferring was to find a team that could win it all and he makes Florida a threat in the SEC as well as a threat in the overall picture. Kind of becomes “the guy” which he said he didn’t want but oh well. Good pick up for Mike White and company. So what is next?

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I think Kentucky sits still. They have a top 5 team and still have what it takes to win it all. They just need to rely more on Richards which is scary but he could breakout this year. If they do add, keep an eye on N’Faly Dante. Reports have surfaced that he is staying in 2020, but Cal may attempt to sway him. N’Faly Dante is the 2nd ranked center in the 2020 class but his family seems to be pushing for him to reclassify into 2019. While he is from Wichita, Kentucky is also pushing for a reclassification due to his ability to own the paint and it doesn’t hurt that he is long as hell. While he is technically 6 foot 11 inches, his wingspan stretches to 7 foot 5 and some measurements even think it is bigger. His length allows him to have an elite shot blocking ability and there is no one better to teach him the game than Kentucky’s own Kenny Payne. You know, the guy who trained Boogie, AD, KAT, and pretty much every single big Calipari has ever produced. Payne can bring out the raw talent that Dante possesses and he could easily learn behind Montgomery and Richards.

But regardless, Kentucky will be fine. They’ll have a shot at 9 with their current roster so let’s go to war.

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