Blackshear Decision Has Been Made

Well the saga is finally coming to a close as the nations most coveted graduate transfer has made his decision according to David Sisk. Sisk claims that there MAY be breaking news tonight but a decision has been made. Everybody has become annoyed with his process but honestly who cares. He’s a kid, let him enjoy the process especially since he wasn’t a highly rated recruit when the first process came around. Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio claims that Florida is the leader, yet many people threw them aside last week. Let’s break down the teams.

First off, Tennessee. Tennessee lost Bone, Williams, and Schofield and they need a total revamp with Alexander graduating as well. With Turner and Bowden leading the backcourt, Tennessee is missing one piece from making them legitimate and that piece is Blackshear. He would take them from a middle of the pack team to a top 3/4 in the SEC. He still would not have a chance at realistically winning anything, but his playing time would be significantly better and he could “be the guy.” But again, they really stand no chance of winning anything. It’d be a good fit but if he truly wants to win, this isn’t the choice.

Second, Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech allows him to go where he is used to, but playing for Mike Young instead of Buzz. Young has stated that they are “very much” in the race for Blackshear, but they stand no chance at winning anything. So I mean this can’t be the choice, right?

Third, Florida. Florida is depending on Kerry due to their lack of a legitimate big man and he could drastically improve them, probably making them a top 20 team next season. I’ve said time and time again that Mike White would be a perfect coach for Kerry because he could showcase his skills and not be hidden by the guard play in Florida, like he was at Virginia Tech.

Fourth, Texas A&M. Buzz has failed him for four years, so he won’t be going here. Enough said.

Fifth, Arkansas..? This has to be a joke. See Texas A&M.

Lastly, Kentucky. Blackshear’s dream is to make it to the NBA and what better place than Kentucky. EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards returning shouldn’t have too much of an effect on Kerry as they both struggle offensively but the addition of Nate Sestina would mean there is four big men fighting for minutes. They’re a top 5 team regardless, but Kerry would put them over the top and make them a top 2 team with a better chance at a title. Kerry is older and would provide a veteran leadership that Kentucky rarely has and offers Kerry the best chance at winning. I think the choice is easy and my prediction is staying the same…Kentucky will land him. It makes the most sense for his goals and aspirations, but if he doesn’t pick Kentucky he won’t win anything and he probably won’t even get drafted.

To me, Kentucky is the choice. It makes the most sense. He took his name out of the NBA draft to improve his game and win a title. Two schools give him a chance at winning anything…Florida and Kentucky. Florida, the only thing they could win is a game against Kentucky. They could make a run to about the Sweet 16 with Kerry but that’s it. Kentucky gives him the best chance to win a title and improve his draft stock with their proven success.

My guess (totally a guess)…he picks Kentucky. I mean why come back to school to play for another team that can’t win it all…Kentucky will be elite with or without Kerry but if he wants to truly win, he comes here.

Finally this will be over once and for all. Let’s hope it’s tonight. For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter @soft7sports and on Facebook

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