Luis Castillo Trade Talk

Luis Castillo has been the ace of the Reds all season but has stumbled a little in his last few starts. With the trade deadline approaching at the end of July and Castillo possibly becoming the Reds first starter since Cueto to make the All-Star game, trade rumors have popped up. There is always one team looking for elite pitching…the New York Yankees, the Evil Empire. Being a Yankees fan as well, I’d say hell yeah to a trade but honestly the Reds should stay put. But let’s at least look at the possible scenarios, of which one seems pretty enticing.

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Chris Moore of CBS Radio has stated that Castillo recently came across the desk of Brian Cashman (a personal friend of mine not to brag) and also stated that “Castillo wouldn’t come cheap.” In the middle of his best season, Castillo is currently third in Cy-Young voting and is posting a career best 2.56 ERA and a current 7-2 record. Castillo has definitely struggled recently, so that begins the conversation…if the offer is good enough, do the Reds sell their ace? Let’s take a look…

Reds Give up: Luis Castillo (SP)

Reds Receive: Clint Frazier (OF), Estevan Florial (OF), and one of the following: Deivi Garci (RP) or Jonathan Loaisiga (RP)

To me, this is the only thing I would take. Castillo could be the future of the Reds and it really depends on how their season goes until July 31st. If they are in contention, there is no way I would give up Castillo, but if they do decide to sell this is the first place I’d look.

What do you think? Should the Reds trade Castillo?

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One thought on “Luis Castillo Trade Talk”

  1. Would hate to lose Castillo, but the Reds need a potential all star everyday player like floral. Throw in Frazier and two pitching prospects , absolutely yes ..


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