Kerry Blackshear Final Thoughts

As reported yesterday by Evan Daniels, Kerry Blackshear could make his decision as early as today. Coming off his Kentucky visit, Kerry decided to visit no other schools and is very close to a decision. Many people believe it to be a two horse race between Tennessee and Kentucky, with Matt Jones reporting Tennessee was the favorite per his sources. Evan Daniels was asked if it was between Kentucky and Tennessee and he responded “I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” So honestly, what the hell does this mean?

Personally, I think Blackshear is between Kentucky and Tennessee but I could see him including A&M in the mix. A&M gives him a place to be comfortable at especially with Buzz at the helm but Texas A&M has no chance of winning absolutely anything next season. They’ll be fighting to be .500 and Kerry has stated that he wants to go to a team that could make a deep run in March…which Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee kind of fit (Tennessee maybe). Virginia Tech claims they are in the hunt, but again no chance of winning. Florida offers him a chance to play at home, in front of his family and honestly who wouldn’t want that? I’ve heard that Florida is out though due to Blackshear having no desire to be “the guy” and winning is everything to him.

With all the reports yesterday, Tennessee is the favorite. They lost Bone, Williams, and Schofield and they need a total revamp with Alexander graduating as well. With Turner and Bowden leading the backcourt, Tennessee is missing one piece from making them legitimate and that piece is Blackshear. He would take them from a middle of the pack team to a top 3/4 in the SEC. He still would not have a chance at realistically winning anything, but his playing time would be significantly better and he could “be the guy.”

Blackshear’s dream is to make it to the NBA and what better place than Kentucky. EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards returning shouldn’t have too much of an effect on Kerry as they both struggle offensively but the addition of Nate Sestina would mean there is four big men fighting for minutes. They’re a top 5 team regardless, but Kerry would put them over the top and make them a top 2 team with a better chance at a title. Kerry is older and would provide a veteran leadership that Kentucky rarely has and offers Kerry the best chance at winning. I think the choice is easy and my prediction is staying the same…Kentucky will land him.

I have said Kentucky since day 1 and I still believe that. Kentucky has the ability to get players to the NBA, put players in the national spotlight, and has the best chance to win a title. In the John Calipari Era, 38 players have been drafted with 29 going in the first round. With Keldon going to the Spurs, all 30 franchises in the NBA have had a Calipari Era player on their roster at some point during the last 10 years. Their ability to get players to the NBA is unparalleled and ultimately that is what Kerry wants for his future. Not to mention the 8 National Championships as well as being the winningest program in College Basketball. But again, Kentucky is not for everyone and we all need to respect his decision regardless. 

I think it’s important to say, Kentucky will still be elite without Kerry. He would give us more talent to work with, but regardless of where he goes Kentucky has a chance to be special. I like my team, so let’s respect his decision and get ready for 9. For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter @soft7sports and on Facebook.

Author: Juice

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