Disappointing That the Celtics Did Not Draft a Kentucky Player

I typically don’t write opinion pieces since I know no one really cares about my opinion, but I feel like this one will resonate with a lot of Kentucky fans so I had to dip the pen. A lot of BBN are Boston Celtics fans for the same reasons that I am and I know they are feeling the same way.

I have been a Celtics fan since I was 6 years old. Since I knew what basketball was. Watching Kentucky and Tayshaun Prince play made me want to play for the Cats some day. Sadly, Calipari did not recruit out of my high school intramural league. They also made me want to keep watching these players after they left Kentucky. And the place to watch Kentucky players after graduation at that time was at the Boston Celtics. The BBNBA was a little scarce during my childhood in the late 90’s-early 2000’s.

Growing up in Louisville, I didn’t have an NBA team within 2 hours of me. If I was going to follow a team it was going to be because of my Kentucky fandom. At the time I got into basketball, Antoine Walker and Tony Delk were playing for the Celtics under former Kentucky coach Rick Pitino. How could I not root for them?

Some years later, Boston drafted Rajon Rondo and I knew this was going to be my team for life. The 2008 championship was the first time a sport made me cry tears of joy. After Rondo left, James Young and Tayshaun Prince joined the team briefly, but other than that, there has been nothing. Nothing permanent, or relevant to Kentucky. And I thought that was going to change for sure this year.

Anthony Davis has been the hottest name in the year’s offseason. When his list of potential landing spots came down to just the Celtics and Lakers, I had hope that he may end up in Beantown. Talks with the Lakers has fallen apart before; why couldn’t it happen again? Obviously, AD is now in LA ruining one of my many dreams.

Boston has another chance in this year’s draft and was ready to take Tyler Herro at 14. But the Heat swooped in and crushed my dreams again. Later on, the Celtics had another opportunity to possibly get Keldon Johnson, but decided to take the older, unathletic, undersized, no potential having Grant Williams instead. Sure, the Celtics may not need another small forward, but it would have been better than drafting a guy for the G-League. Yes. I am still mad about it.

Look, I know the Celtics don’t owe me anything and they probably didn’t even realize that they have a following in Kentucky. But it is the reason I am a fan and I am allowed to feel however I want as a free American. That being said, I still have hope and a lot of it for this upcoming season. After losing Al Horford and Aaron Baynes, Boston needs someone who can play the 5 spot desperately. Luckily, Julius Randle and Demarcus Cousins are both free agents who can do just that. I want the Celtics I know and love back. I want the Boston Celtics to return to glory as the kings of professional basketball with the help of Kentucky greats.

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Author: Wic

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