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As we head into the weekend, let’s piece together what we know. Kerry Blackshear is the most coveted graduate transfer in recent memory. The top grad transfer has taken visits to Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky but has yet to make his decision known. After averaging 14.9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game during his junior season at Virginia Tech and would provide instant help to whatever team he joins. Whatever team he chooses, we have to remember that this is his life and he’s making the best choice for himself, so let’s all relax and look at the facts.

First let’s look at Florida and Arkansas. Florida would be a nice fit for Kerry due to the proximity to home and his desire to play in front of family. But one thing Florida does not provide Kerry… winning a championship which he claims is very important to him. Florida would give him the recognition and a great coach but they won’t make him a better player like some of the other schools could. Arkansas, well they stand no chance. To be honest with you, he took the visit for his family and that was the only reason it was done. I think there are two favorites, Kentucky and Tennessee, but he will most likely visit Buzz at Texas A&M and may even go to Virginia Tech.

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Kerry is a mature player, he knows what he wants and he also wants to further his education. He will visit Buzz and allow his staff the opportunity to “wow” him and he can see what he could offer. He’ll do this out of respect and I truly don’t see any way he commits there. As for Virginia Tech, Mike Young has stated that they’re still “very much” in the running and they could secure a visit…which I do not think happens. I think Kerry takes one more visit and it is to A&M. As for Tennessee, Rick Barnes has proved himself in his short time there. But even Barnes does not want to be there as he tried to flee for UCLA but they wouldn’t cover his buyout. Tennessee had players drafted last night and that could help them out. But my choice stays the same.

I have said Kentucky since day 1 and I still believe that. Kentucky has the ability to get players to the NBA, put players in the national spotlight, and has the best chance to win a title. In the John Calipari Era, 38 players have been drafted with 29 going in the first round. With Keldon going to the Spurs, all 30 franchises in the NBA have had a Calipari Era player on their roster at some point during the last 10 years. Their ability to get players to the NBA is unparalleled and ultimately that is what Kerry wants for his future. Not to mention the 8 National Championships as well as being the winningest program in College Basketball. To me, the decision is easy. But again, Kentucky is not for everyone and we all need to respect his decision regardless.

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