Relax, Let Kerry Take As Much Time As He Wants

Kentucky Basketball has the most passionate fan base in all of America, but sometimes people take it too far and make us look bad. You all know who/what I’m talking about and honestly it’s less than 10% of the fanbase but everyone just needs to relax. Do we necessary need Kerry Blackshear? Probably not, we’ll still be a top 10 team but he would completely enhance our team and give us a better shot at a title. We have to respect the fact he wants to wait and give other schools a chance, we can’t just shoot down any hope of landing him and start bashing him.

Under Calipari, we have been so blessed with landing so many top recruits and honestly great people. When we miss out on a player, that 10% throws a fit and makes the entire fanbase look awful. A main example is Andrew Wiggins. The dude took forever to even make a decision and Kentucky was very much in the loop, but when he picked Kansas everyone lost their shit and sent him death threats over twitter as well as bashing his family. Kentucky is the leader in wins, 2nd in titles, and over the past decade has had more draft picks than anyone else. We are spoiled in a way, but we have to remember Cal’s favorite pharse…”Kentucky is not for everyone.”

As Matt said above, chill. Kentucky had a great visit and they have said they like their chances at landing him. He averaged 14.9 points per game along with 7.5 rebounds. He brings a veteran presence and brings a special skill set that the Cats could benefit from. I think he comes to Kentucky, I’ve said that all along…but if he doesn’t…”Kentucky isn’t for everyone.” Just hang in there Cats fan and just take a huge breath and relax. It’s a long process for everyone and just wish the kid the best. If Kentucky lands him, awesome, if they don’t let’s remain classy and show him what he missed out on when we win #9.

But this doesn’t mean when a ref absolutely stinks that we cannot bash them, I’m all in for that. But these kids have to make the decision that they think is best for them and their future, just like all of us have done. We just did not have the media attention. I will respect whatever Kerry does, we all need to do the same.

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