Latest on Kerry Blackshear, Down to 2

This could be the day that Kerry Blackshear commits to the Cats. As multiple people are speculating that he has committed, I won’t say anything until it’s official. I have heard that if he has committed, expect it by noon today. But I have also heard that Texas A&M and Virginia Tech may get a visit next week. I really do not think that they’ll get a visit, especially with Kentucky being the favorite all along, but his family could pressure him into it.

Mike Young is adamant that Virginia Tech is still in the hunt. I am here to tell you that they are not. As it was reported yesterday, Kerry is down to two schools: Kentucky and Tennessee. Tennessee is Tennessee. Kerry apparently loved his visit and Rick Barnes has built such a great program and a true contender (in the SEC) in Knoxville. But there is still one thing that stands out to me…Kentucky is the only school that fits what he wants. At Tennessee he would be “the guy” because they lost essentially everyone. He’d be a great fit with national exposure, but at the same time they stand no chance at winning anything. At Kentucky he‘d probably start but he’d have to fight it out for minutes. He has the best opportunity to improve at Kentucky and a better chance at winning a title.

From day one, I’ve said Kerry was a Cat. Want proof? Click here. I heard that he was so enamored by Kentucky when Cal and company visited a while back that he wanted to commit immediately after he withdrew his name, but his parents wanted him to wait so he tour other schools and make a decision then. He is a mature player, so he took their advice and waited. Everyone is probably getting fed up with this process, but I can assure you he is too. It’s a draining process and he wants it done as much as we do. Today is a big though. Kerry could commit a year after Reid did and on a huge day due to the draft. The Cats could get their center today and I think it will happen.

But for now we play the waiting game. I saw yesterday that during his visit, literally every UK account started following him. Well, now John Calipari does as well. These could be hints and so could Swaggy Cal boarding his jet yesterday right after the visit. With everything I have heard, Kerry will commit today. Kentucky will be announcing the news and they are preparing a video for him to post. Kerry will be a Cat in due time. Just hang in there BBN.

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    1. I think so. We will have more on it tomorrow, but basically, his list changes all the time, but the one team that always sticks around is Kentucky.
      Follow us on Twitter @soft7sports and we will have more


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