Did We Just Get A Hint?

For the past weeks we have all been focused on Kerry Blackshear and his pending decision. I’ve said since day one that it would be Kentucky but recently lost some confidence due to him “loving” Tennessee and his visit there. Well, he’s currently on Kentucky’s campus and we might have just gotten us a hint.

Kerry has recently been followed by Kentucky accounts as seen above (s/o to our guy Jon Hammons for the grab…follow him @SECSportsGuy11 on twitter and @JonHammons on Facebook). Kerry would be a huge get for Calipari and his staff so let’s hope they can close the deal tonight.

Blackshear has a ton of talent, yes, but he also would bring Calipari and Kentucky to most experienced frontcourt they have ever had. With junior Nick Richard, sophomore EJ Montgomery, graduate transfer Nate Sestina, and graduate transfer Kerry Blackshear Jr, Kentucky bigs would be lethal. Mix them with probably one of the best backcourts in the nation with Ashton Hagans, Quickley, and Maxey this team would be arguably the consensus #1 preseason team.

These next two days are essential though and it started last evening. As I told y’all the other night, the is “major interest” in both sides (Kerry and Cal) and a commitment is very possible as early as today (June 19th). Realistically, I say we get a commitment late today or early Thursday but nevertheless I think Kerry joins the team. He will help build EJ and Nick as well as being a leader on this team. He brings a special skill set that Cal and Kenny can further pull out and this will leap Kentucky into the #1 preseason team, giving them a ton of momentum to get 9. Let’s go get Kerry. 

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PS… This same thing happened with Jaden McDaniels, so don’t let this get your hopes too high. But, Kentucky Athletics typically does not follow athletes until they have committed.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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