Kerry Blackshear Final Update (Hopefully)

Today is the day. Today is when Kerry Blackshear steps foot on Kentucky’s campus and hopefully Cal does not let him leave. The visit will start this evening and Kentucky is hoping he commits while he is visiting. There is a ton to show Kerry, including how successful Kentucky has been with not only getting players to the NBA but also being able to develop into stars. Kerry wants to win and Kentucky offers him the best chance do so, especially when he is considering Tennessee and Texas A&M. But if we do not see Kerry commit by Saturday, I think Kentucky has lost him.

From day one, I’ve said Kerry was a Cat. Want proof? Click here. I heard that he was so enamored by Kentucky when Cal and company visited a while back that he wanted to commit immediately after he withdrew his name, but his parents wanted him to wait so he tour other schools and make a decision then. He is a mature player, so he took their advice and waited. The one school I thought had a legitimate chance to land him was Florida. Due to being close to home and having a great coach in Mike White, I thought Florida was a great fit and would allow Kerry to be “the guy” on a team that will finish top 20, would be top 15 with Kerry. But news yesterday claimed that he was down to three: Tennessee, Kentucky, and A&M, which again shocked me.

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Tennessee is the school that could slide in and steal Kerry. Tennessee lost essentially everyone vital to their team including Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield, and Jordan Bone. They’re depleted. This would allow Kerry to be “the guy” as well as giving him the exposure he so desperately needs and he apparently loved his visit there. But he wants to win and Tennessee doesn’t offer a realistic chance to do so. As far as Texas A&M, they could steal a visit on Friday but I doubt it. Kerry would love the system and the coaches due to the familiarity with Buzz and Co but again, they offer no realistic chance to win. That is why this visit needs to be a huge success for John Calipari and he needs to not let him leave without signing.

I think good news is coming for the Cats. These next two days are essential though and it starts this evening. As I told y’all last night, the is “major interest” in both sides (Kerry and Cal) and a commitment is very possible as early as tonight (June 18th). Realistically, I say we get a commitment mid tomorrow or early Thursday but nevertheless I think Kerry joins the team. He will help build EJ and Nick as well as being a leader on this team. He brings a special skill set that Cal and Kenny can further pull out and this will leap Kentucky into the #1 preseason team, giving them a ton of momentum to get 9. Let’s go get Kerry.

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