Blackshear May Sign As Early As June 18th

Everyone knows Kerry Blackshear is the top graduate transfer in this year’s class, but there hasn’t been much word out of his camp involving where he stands. Well, sources are telling me that Blackshear is visiting “only to sign.” Blackshear was visited by Calipari and his staff before he withdrew from the NBA and Blackshear has since talked to Florida, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Tennessee is the only one that went positive and Blackshear legitimately is still considering them, or at least he was. Along with my guy, Jake Weingarten is also reporting that there is “major interest” between Kentucky and Kerry and that Texas A&M is begging for a visit but they won’t get one.

The main thing to keep an eye on is Tennessee. With this news coming out, expect another push from them as they need him. Florida is out of the running simply due to their inability to compete and honestly (as I said much earlier), when Kerry withdrew from the NBA draft he wanted to commit to Kentucky but his family talked him into visiting a few more schools and get his feet ready. Kerry is worn out and ready to decide.

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As I’ve said since day 1, Kerry Blackshear will be a member of the squad in 2019-2020. Kerry wants to improve his game as well as compete for a national championship and what better place to do that than Kentucky? The center averaged 14.9 points per game along with 7.5 rebounds while at Virginia Tech and he can help EJ and Nick elevate their game. This team has the ability to run the table with the experience and the young, raw talent. Blackshear may be a senior, but he has room to improve that I believe only Kenny and Cal can bring out. With their success with NBA big men, the decision has to be easy.

Calipari adding Blackshear would be lethal. Kentucky would have to jump to the #1 preseason team with all this talent and the now needed experience…oh wait they also return 4 key players from last season. Buckle in, Cats fans, tomorrow could be wild.

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