Blackshear Down to 3, Florida Out

It seems like every day now there comes a new update about Kerry Blackshear and his future. Well today, the news is, according to Chris Dortch, Blackshear is down to three schools: Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas A&M. These three schools are all in the SEC and there are two better known basketball schools while A&M offers a system Blackshear knows but to me, it’s very confusing.

The last is very confusing to me if we’re being honest. A&M is a great school, don’t get me wrong, but the truth of the matter is that coaching staff has failed Kerry. He spent years with Buzz and his team, but here we are and he withdrew from the NBA draft due to not having the necessary skillset or even the recognition. Tennessee is Tennessee. Kerry apparently loved his visit and Rick Barnes has built such a great program and a true contender (in the SEC) in Knoxville. But there is still one thing that stands out to me…Kentucky is the only school that fits what he wants.

Blackshear is visiting Kentucky on Tuesday, it was first reported by Jake Weingarten and confirmed essentially everywhere but Kentucky and Blackshear’s camp. This is his second visit with Kentucky and it makes sense that it’d be his last. Kerry wants to win. Kentucky offers the best chance at doing that. With Hagans, Maxey, and Quickley up top, you aren’t going to find better guards to be paired with. Sure he’ll have to fight with Sestina, EJ, and Nick but at the same time it gives him a challenge and allows him to work on his game every day. Plus, no other school has Kenny Payne or Calipari. Plus, news came out a few days ago that Anthony Davis is one of three big men in the league to average 20 points and over 10 rebounds since the 2013 NBA season. The other two? Demarcus Cousins and Karl Anthony Towns. Kentucky has success with bigs and Kerry is just next in line.

I think it’s Tennessee or Kentucky. At Tennessee he would be “the guy” because they lost essentially everyone. He’d be a great fit with national exposure, but at the same time they stand no chance at winning anything. At Kentucky he’d have to fight, his minutes would be reduced from Va Tech, but at the same time he has the best chance at improving his all around game and winning a title. My pick is remaining the same, it’ll be Kentucky. We could find out as early as Wednesday morning if you ask me. Kerry will be a Wildcat in due time.

Author: Juice

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