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For the last few weeks, Kerry Blackshear has stolen the nation spotlight with his looming decision. After a visit to Florida and Arkansas, Kerry visited Tennessee this weekend and according to sources “he loved it.” Being from Knoxville, it is a great city and there’s tons of fun to be had, but that gaudy orange has to sway him away. With that being said, Tennessee has a realistic chance of landing Blackshear.

Coming off arguably their greatest back to back seasons, Tennessee’s lineup is sparse. With Williams, Schofield, Alexander, and Bone all leaving this gives Blackshear a perfect opportunity to play for a decent coach and an okay program while gaining some national exposure. Tennessee has a ton to prove next season and adding Blackshear would help a ton. But realistically, I find it hard for him to go there. Kerry wants to win a title and Tennessee (no offense) has virtually a 0% chance to do so. They aren’t even the best team in the state with Memphis finally restoring their program with Penny. For me, it’s either Florida or Kentucky and my stance my change depending on what transpires the next two days.

Kerry is done with the process. He wants to “wrap it up” because he’s worn out with it. People have said he will have one more visit and it’s between Kentucky, Memphis, and Gonzaga as the final visit. Now, Kentucky should get this. But if not don’t worry, Calipari has already done an in-home visit before he even decided to come back to college. I would be wary if he doesn’t though mainly because Memphis has all the momentum in the world with Penny and him going there would be amazing. Evan Daniels says it’s Kentucky and rumor has it it’ll be on Tuesday.

Another thing that helps Kentucky, his AAU coach had some comments on how Kentucky helps gain exposure and how the NBA workout they do prior to the season showcases a ton of talent and allows them to get more exposure. He also says the guard play will help Kerry due to their skill with the pick and roll…the way NBA offense is trending. He did mention a concern, especially with his minutes being reduced due to Richards, Montgomery, and Sestina but again said Kerry wants to win and will do what it takes.

My prediction remains the same…Kentucky. Kentucky gives him the chance to improve daily, gain national exposure, and most importantly, win a title. He can be apart of a huge tradition and always be associated with Kentucky and their success. It also helps that ESPN have Kentucky a free recruitment pitch today saying that Anthony Davis is one of three big men in the league to average 20 points and over 10 rebounds since the 2013 NBA season. The other two? Demarcus Cousins and Karl Anthony Towns. Kentucky has success with bigs and Kerry is just next in line. My guess is we’ll know by next Monday. Let’s go Cats.

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