Remembering the Best Calipari Moments, #4

Since 2009, John Calipari has been at the helm of the most prestigious program in College Basketball. Throughout his time at Kentucky there have been so many moments that capture our hearts and stay in our memory forever. I’m continuing a series over the next four days that will rank what I believe to be the top 5 moments of the Calipari Era. Yesterday I had our #5 moment with Aaron Harrison and the 2014 Final Four run and today we’ll continue with #4…Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins saving the SEC Title in 2010.

2010 was quite the year for Kentucky Basketball as the entire program flipped upside down with John Calipari. Shortly after his announcement as head coach, Demarcus Cousins uncommitted and committed, John Wall joined him along with Eric Bledsoe and Daniel Orton. After starting the season 19-0 along with earning the program’s 2000th victory, the team finished 35-3 including 14-2 in the SEC. In Calipari’s first year, he earned the overall #1 seed in the NCAA tournament and honestly he should have won that year but they could unreasonably cold against Huggie Bear and West Virginia. It set the tone for the years that followed, showing Kentucky Basketball is back.

Image result for demarcus cousins call me

The moment that ranks in my top 5 was the SEC title game against Mississippi State. Throughout the year, Mississippi State had talked shit to the Cats and especially Demarcus Cousins when they found his phone number and called him hundred of thousands of times before the game in Starkville which Kentucky won 81-75 and the famous “call me” moment from Cousins was there. They met again in the SEC final and it came down to a missed free throw, missed 3, then a miraculous tap in by Boogie as time expired. The best part about this was the team ran around like they won and piled on Demarcus. Once they calmed, they won the game in OT and it is a memory that is forever sketched in Kentucky history.

This moment is top 5 because it showed the young love at Kentucky and how the program flipped. Cousins became a fan favorite and their buffoonery at the end of regulation just made this team more lovable. Check out the entire video:

Come back tomorrow morning for my 3rd favorite moment in the Calipari Era. Feel free to tweet me your top 5 @soft7juice and like us on Facebook @Soft7Sports for more Kentucky content.

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