Kerry Blackshear Update, Calipari Inks Deal

As we continue to wait for Kerry Blackshear to commit for next season, a new team as emerged…Memphis. According to Kevin McPherson from Arkansas, Blackshear has expressed interest in joining the Tigers and it makes sense due to the news that came yesterday. Kerry wanting to win a title more than “being the man” fits in with Penny and the Tigers in more than one way, but personally I feel like it is a long shot.

If Blackshear decides to visit Memphis, it’d probably be this weekend after his visit in Knoxville and before his visit in Lexington. Memphis is an interesting case due to having DJ Jeffries, Precious AchiuwaIf, and James Wiseman but honestly Blackshear would fit in and he would be the veteran that Memphis is missing. Now, Memphis is nowhere near a title contender…yet. At best they’ll be an overrated Indiana and hang a Sweet 16 banner, but if Penny can prove himself this season then they’ll be back in the Final Four in a few years. But to think that they’ll be top 5 and “beat their 38-2 record” like most of them are saying is just preposterous.

As for Kerry, I’ve said this time and time again…it’s down to Kentucky, Virginia Tech, and Florida. I still believe that and him visiting Memphis is a smart move but ultimately I still believe he will be a Wildcat. The reporting claiming he wants a deep run and does not care about being the main guy just screams Kentucky to me. He could easily be the PJ of this years team and has his best chance at winning at title in Blue. Regardless, we’ll know by next week where Kerry intends to play.

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In other news, Swaggy Cal just inked his lifetime deal. Well, 10 years 86 million dollars but this will take him to his retirement or he’ll resign. The next two seasons he will make $8 million, then followed by 8.5 million the next four, then 9 million the last four. After the 2023-2024 season, Calipari has the option to step down as coach and become “Special Assistant to the Athletic Director/University Representative.” Cal won’t be going anywhere and personally think he will bring at least one more title to the Bluegrass. But what better time than this season?

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