Settle Down, Elway… Realistic Expectations for Joe Flacco

If you haven’t heard by now, John Elway is really high on his new quarterback, Joe Flacco. When the Case Keenum experiment did not work out, he went back to his old ways. He had to find another ridiculously tall QB to take the reigns. What’s weird is that Elway never seems to care too much about height at other positions (case and point, Phillip Lindsay), but when it comes to who is under center, he becomes a total height supremacist. Watch what he had to say about His Eliteness.

Just now entering his prime?! Let’s pump the brakes, John. Joe Flacco has had an alright career, even winning a Super Bowl MVP, but quarterbacks don’t enter their prime 7 years AFTER winning one of the highest honors a current player can achieve.

Flacco has played in Denver three times. His record is 1-2 with an average passer rating of 45.3. Sadly, that one win came in an overtime playoff win (we haven’t forgotten, Rahim Moore). So Flacco has never beaten Denver in Denver in regulation, nor have any of his performances been all that impressive. But to be completely fair, he was playing against the Broncos defense. The “No Fly Zone” typically has a negative effect on visiting quarterbacks. It will be interesting to see how Flacco plays in Denver under the Vic Fangio offense.

All I want to say is don’t write off Flacco yet, but also don’t expect as much as John Elway does.

I expect Flacco to be mad decent. Better than mediocre, somewhere between a 5 and 10. A soft 7, if you will. Expecting to win the AFC West is not what I would call a reasonable expectation, especially after the season the Chiefs and Chargers had. But, a 9-7 season and sneaking in the playoffs at the Wildcard spot is not out of the question. Even Flacco throwing for 25 TD’s and 3,500 yards is not completely ridiculous. The Broncos defense is still going to be spectacular and hopefully Phillip Lindsay can build on his rookie season success while also taking the heat off his QB. If that happens and Flacco can live up to half of what Elway expects then a Broncos playoff birth in 2019 is definitely possible.

There’s just no way that he loses his starting job to another rookie. Right?

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