Rich Paul’s Never Ending Quest to Team Up AD and LeBron May Involve Boston

As a part of LeBron James and Rich Paul’s never ending quest to get Anthony Davis to the Lakers, Rich Paul said today that if AD were to go to the Celtics, it would only be for a one year rental.

According to ESPN’s Woj, the Lakers and Celtics are negotiating trade packages to acquire Davis before the NBA Draft. The Lakers can make a pretty good offer. They have the number four overall pick and seem dead set on getting rid of Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. Also, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports is Anthony Davis’ agent and personal friend of LeBron James. Best believe that he will do everything he can to get Davis to LA.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are once again leading the league in trade assets. They are stacked with future stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown; not to mention they also have three first round picks in this year’s Draft. Even though it is beginning to look like a longshot that Boston will land Davis, it could be their last hope in keeping Kyrie Irving. The future of Irving with the Celtics is unlikely now that he has opted out of his contract, but it is still possible. I know the fans don’t want Kyrie anywhere near Beantown, but since Kevin Durant’s injury, Uncle Drew may have to put his plans on hold.

So, if trade talks fall apart between the Lakers and Pelicans yet again, AD may be, like the Dropkick Murphys, shipping up to Boston. But like mentioned before by his agent Rich Paul, only for a year.

And as a Celtics fan… I’LL TAKE IT.

Anthony Davis for any amount of time would be amazing. Don’t act for a second like having a top 10 player in the world wouldn’t make a difference. Look at what Kawhi did signing a one year deal with the Raptors. And he may even re-sign. Davis may come to Boston and love it and want to then sign a long term deal to play with Tatum and Brown. He could even entice Kyrie to stay. And I guarantee that Kyrie’s hero ball nonsense will change real quick once he realizes his isn’t the best player in green and white. Don’t give up hope just yet. The Celtics could form the quietest super team of all time even if it is for just one season.

Author: Wic

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