Reds All Star Hopes

As we reach the middle of June, we are a little under a month till the All Star Game in Cleveland. As it currently stands, the Reds should have at least two All Stars in Eugenio Suarez and Luis Castillo but I don’t think it should end there. Eugenio has been the heart and soul of the offense recently, while Castillo once led the Cy Young voting but has struggled since. He’s coming off a great start against the Cardinals where he found his groove after giving up a leadoff homer but the Reds should have at least one more, if not two more All Stars.

First off, Geno should be a lock. After a slow start, Eugenio has been the leader since the Cubs series where he smashed the game winner. This weekend he led the comeback against the Phillies and he is currently hitting .265 with 14 home runs. Another lock should be Luis Castillo, who is 6-1 with a 2.38 ERA. Yes he has struggled as of late, but Castillo was lights out and still has not lost a game since April 3rd. While he has lost control as well as the ability to disguise his changeup, he still has fought back and made it clear in his last start that his success this season is far from over. These two should be locks…but who else deserves it?

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First, no other than Derek Dietrich. Dietrich has been a topic of conversation among many fans due to his antics playing and even when not playing (bees). While doing this, he has hit 17 home runs, his career high, and has led this team in morale. Dietrich has been involved in a few scuffles and has caused a few “purist” to lose their mind, but without him this team would not have a true heart and soul. While Dietrich is not an everyday player, he should be and when he is in he impacts the opposing pitcher as well as the comfortability of the team. Granted he is a long shot, Cincinnati faithful should pound the vote now button for Dietrich as well as Iglesias.

When Scooter comes back, Iglesias will lose some playing time and rightfully so due to Scooter proving his worth last season but you can’t ignore what he has done for this team so far. Without him, the Reds would have a few less wins and a few less total runs. Iglesias has proved his worth while hitting .291 with 22 RBI and leading the Reds with RISP. The former All Star and AL Rookie of the Year, is having his best season since 2015 when he hit .300. His success is due to his aggressiveness and it’s shown by swinging at the first pitch 30% of the time and when it is in play, he is hitting .400 on that alone. While Scooter is set to return, sitting Iglesias may be hard to do. It seems that the Reds have an infield dilemma which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

While they could all technically be longshots, I think Castillo and Suarez will get in. I hope Iglesias and Dietrich do, but if I had to choose one it is Jose. Iglesias has proved time and time again how valuable he is to this team and he deserves the recognition. If you have yet to vote, go do it now at this link.

Let’s go Reds and let’s get our boys in the All Star Game.

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