Can Kentucky Football Hit the Over on Projected Wins?

The over/under for Kentucky football’s projected win total for the 2019 season has been all over the place. We’ve seen it set anywhere between 6.5 and all the way up to 8.5 total wins. It seems like there are some sportsbooks that really don’t want to get burned by another stellar Kentucky season while others still have yet to accept that basketball schools can also be good at football. Either way, this season looks like another one for the books.

But how confident should BBN be about the upcoming season? Touchdown Terry is looking good. AJ Rose could rival Benny Snell. Lynn Bowden will be absolutely electric. But can they hit the over on the projected win total? As always, I am here to argue @soft7sports and @Soft7Wic.

Projected win total from 247Sports is 7.5. This is the one I’ll use since it falls in the middle of the range. Now, for the schedule.

Aug 31- vs. Toledo
Sep 7- vs. Eastern Michigan
Sep 14- vs. Florida
Sep 21- @ Mississippi State
Sep 28- @ South Carolina
Oct 12- vs. Arkansas
Oct 19- @ Georgia
Oct 26- vs. Missouri
Nov 9- vs. Tennessee
Nov 16- @ Vanderbilt
Nov 23- vs. UT Martin
Nov 30- vs Louisville

The Gimme’s, Locks, and Probable Blowouts
Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, UT Martin, and Louisville all look like guaranteed wins. I don’t like to count out opponents before the season even starts, but there is nothing about these teams that pose any kind of threat.

Almost Definite Losses
Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi State could be rough games for the Cats. I am not saying that UK is completely out, but winning these games is incredibly unlikely given the inexperience at defense.

Crucial Contests
South Carolina, Missouri, and Tennessee are extremely important games. Kentucky will have to win two of these games to hit over 7.5 wins. UK is on a hot streak against South Carolina and there is no reason to expect that to change. Especially with Jake Bentley (more like Jake Kia) at QB. Missouri will be tough with the addition of Kelly Bryant. Total toss up of a game. And Tennessee is the same as Mizzou. While Tennessee did not add a terrible amount of talent, they also did not lose hardly anybody. After all, they were the only SEC team to not put a single player in the NFL Draft.

So, how do you bet? Well, if you are a Kentucky fan, do not bet the under. It’s going to be a sad season if you are rooting for your own team not to win 7 games. Put money on Kentucky going 8-4. The crucial contest games will come down to the wire and they will win two of them. Probably against South Carolina and Tennessee.

Take the over and let’s go bowling again, BBN.

Author: Wic

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