Blackshear Visiting Kentucky

The highest ranked graduate transfer has scheduled two more visits this week with his first on the 14th in Knoxville, then he will visit the Cats. They join the list of SEC teams vying to secure Blackshear after he has already taken visits to Florida and Arkansas. I’ve said all along that Florida is the only team Kentucky should be worried about in terms of landing him, but Tennessee has now made him their #1 priority for the season despite not having an open scholarship slot for the 2019 season.

Tennessee is an interesting case for Kerry Blackshear. With their leaders, Grant Williams, Jordan Bone, and Admiral Schofield all leaving for the NBA, the team is a bit decimated. Blackshear would essentially be the star of this team as he would be at Florida and Arkansas which again, I’m not really sure he wants. Blackshear strikes me as the guy that wants to improve his team, get his stats up, but he doesn’t want to be the face of the program. He will help any team he is on, but again there is only one fit for him to truly improve his game…Kentucky.

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Kentucky getting a visit from Kerry is a big deal. Not only are they getting a visit, they will seemingly be his last. Blackshear had a list of teams prepared but it seems unlikely that he’ll visit Michigan State or even Texas A&M, but why would he? He knows what Texas A&M brings because he has been around those coaches for years and they have not gotten him to the point he wants to be at. Michigan State is one that surprises me, but I just don’t think he will even think twice about them just due to him only touring SEC programs and the proximity to home.

Kerry will be a Wildcat in less than two weeks. Again, this is my guess solely based on the potential to improve his game as well as gaining national exposure each and every game he plays. Kentucky brings a spotlight on every player and Kerry wants enough of one on him so he can go to next level. Kenny Payne has proven time and time again he knows how to develop a NBA big and he can pull so much more talent out of Kerry. I think Kerry made his mind up weeks ago, but I think his family wanted him to fully see his options laid out. We’ll know shortly, but I’m believing he will join the 2019 squad and help raise #9.

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