Time For A Change

What began as a promising season has certainly taken a turn for the worse this past week as the Reds currently sit at 28-35 which includes losing six of the last eight. The Reds have been so inconsistent this season and the worst part about it is that the hitting has been virtually non-existent for most of the season. The one thing the Reds had going for them last season was their hitting and going into the year the pitching was the concern, yet here we are in June and the Reds are just shitting the bed.

The Reds currently sit at 22nd in the MLB in offense. Last season, the Reds ranked 18th but yet their hitting carried the team. Their pitching has gone from the 24th best pitching to the 4th best in the league, yes…fourth. The one thing that needed to improve did exactly that while the hitting has done nothing. So what do they do? Simple, fire Turner Ward.

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Turner Ward was hired away from the Dodgers when Puig was traded over. Since then, the Reds offense has been mediocre at best including tons of players struggling at the plate. Ward states that it is due “to the course of the season” but the fact of the matter is they simply aren’t producing and he is at the helm of the offense. The Reds only have 5 players above .250 which includes Joey Votto, Nick Senzel, Casili, Geno, and Iglesias. Ironically, four of those players are the ones that have single handedly carried this team. Senzel is the future, Joey is the veteran. But they need help.

The one thing you can’t do is fire David Bell. Bell is in his first year as a manager so it’s a learning process and a hard one at that. He’s had issues with discipline, including being thrown out multiple times and not having a consistent lineup but you can’t blame the offense on him. Ward took the Dodgers to two straight World Series but yet has had no impact on the Reds. Something needs to chance in Cincinnati and it starts with him.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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