Blackshear Continuing Visits

Kerry Blackshear was a man of mystery since his ended in April, but recently he has become quite unpredictable. On Thursday, Kerry visited Florida who is presumed to be on of the favorites to land him and it is said to be a major win for every other team chasing him that he did not sign on sight. Yesterday he took a visit that literally no one predicted…Arkansas.

Blackshear is the unanimous #1 grad transfer and is being recruited by Kentucky, Florida, Arkansas, Gonzaga, Tennessee, and Michigan State. While he withdrew his name from the NBA draft, he never truly confirmed his intentions to transfer but everyone seems to know that is his plan. With Virginia Tech in a rebuilding year after losing Buzz, it is difficult to see him returning there. Florida is the “leader” due to him being able to play close to home and the fact 34% of Andrew Nembhard’s assists were to centers last season and it would give Blackshear padded stats, assuming he can score.

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It seems like he is going to end up in the SEC regardless. Arkansas, Texas A&M, Florida, and Kentucky are the teams that everyone keeps saying. A&M is the odd man out due to the coaching staff lowkey failing Blackshear to this point, in my opinion. Arkansas has a first year coach who could change the program around, but I think Kerry visited just to look around and honestly keep everything open. Arkansas already has a ton of transfers, so it’s not necessarily a long shot, but it’s a very small chance, but with them being sparse down low it could happen.

Florida is Florida…being close to home, playing immediately, some exposure, and Mike White is a hell of a coach but again, it’s Florida. To me, it’s easy…Kentucky has to be the choice. Kentucky gives him the opportunity to improve his game each and every day and gives him the national exposure each and every day. Every game he plays will be on TV, every practice he participates in will provide elite competition, and he goes to a coach who has proven success with big men in the NBA. To me, the choice is clear. Prediction: I’m sticking with Kentucky. He’ll have a few more visits, but ultimately I believe he’ll become a Wildcat in due time.

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