Finally Some Blackshear News

Since last Wednesday, Kerry Blackshear has remained the most anonymous dude in America. Well that all changed today as word emerged that he took his first visit with the Florida Gators. Along with the Florida visit, details came out about him possibly playing overseas but I can promise you that he will NOT be going overseas and plans to further his education and enhance his pro stance by attending college. Florida is a legitimate landing spot for Kerry due to his proximity to home, but I’ve heard since he didn’t sign on the spot, it’s a good sign and it is between Michigan State, Kentucky, and a new team…Arkansas.

Blackshear will visit Michigan State, Arkansas and Kentucky in the coming days/weeks but like this Florida visit, it will just pop up. I’ve said why Blackshear should come to Kentucky which is constant competition and would provide him more elite skills because he is going up against the new and improved EJ (who is lowkey thicc now) as well as the elite shot blocker in Richards (this will be his breakout year). Kentucky will provide a challenge to Kerry Blackshear that no other school can and like Calipari always says “Kentucky isn’t for everyone” and if Kerry can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

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As for Michigan State, I was a bit surprised hearing they were a favorite along with Kentucky. They are the number one preseason team (as of right now) but I do not think that Izzo knows how to translate bigs in NBA success. If you take away Draymond, who else does he have? In recent years alone, Cal has produced Anthony Davis, Boogie Cousins, PJ Washington, Nerlens, WCS, and KAT. Cal has had the success building the big man but Izzo has not done the same. As for my prediction…I 100% still believe it is down to Florida or Kentucky. Va Tech stands no chance, A&M has the comfortability but the coaching staff has not done him any favors as of yet and I doubt he’d improve his game there, Florida gives him instant playing time and some exposure, Arkansas is kind of a joke (I doubt he seriously considers them) but I still think it is Kentucky. Kentucky offers him the best chance of improving his game while giving him the national exposure to improve his stance in the NBA. I think in a week or two, Kerry will be a Wildcat.

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As for the current squad, EJ, Nick, and Nate are the only legitimate bigs. Cal announced the other day that Sestina was coming off an injury so he hasn’t been able to run much. Nick Richards has a ton to prove this season and he can be the Reid of this team. Reid wasn’t always the elite scorer or rebounder, but what he did was bully inside the paint and that is what Nick can be. By doing this it could allow EJ to go off more. EJ has also been putting on some muscle. In a video released on twitter by the team’s account, EJ looked bigger. Especially in his chest and arms region and if he continues to grow, watch out college basketball. I do think that Kentucky would benefit from Kerry…and if he does come (which I think he does) Kentucky will cut down the nets in April.

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