Denver to Host Atlanta for NFL Hall of Fame Preseason Game

Every year after the Super Bowl, I fall into a sadness similar to a dog when it’s owner leaves for work. In my mind, football is gone and will never return. But just as I am about to forget about it completely, I hear the NFL season pull in the driveway and hit me with the preseason schedule. And to my absolute delight, my Broncos are playing in the NFL Hall of Fame preseason game at home versus the Falcons. Knowing that the Broncos offseason is a whole week shorter than almost every other team’s is just so satisfying.

This year’s Hall of Fame Game will honor Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, Broncos great and personal favorite Champ Bailey, and Falcons legend Tony Gonzalez.

The Denver Broncos preseason schedule is as follows:
Aug. 1 vs. Atlanta
Aug. 8 @ Seattle
Aug. 19 vs. San Francisco
Aug. 24 @ LA Rams
Aug. 29 @ Arizona

I know that the preseason does not matter and the starters come out after the first quarter. If not, by halftime. But I am beyond excited to see what Drew Lock and Noah Fant can do. My expectations for this season is, as always, unnecessarily high. Mainly for Flacco. His Eliteness has a lot to prove. Hopefully with the thinner air in Denver, instead of underthrowing his receivers to force a pass interference call, he can just complete the pass. Wishful thinking.

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