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A few days ago I wrote the Best Reds of All Time which made me think about the current state of the Reds. I’m basing this list on the current team which includes their tenure with the Reds. The list will also include where I think they will sit in the all time list when it is all said and done. Let’s begin.

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#5 Nick Senzel

Okay, I know what you’re what thinking. Senzel just started, which is true, but he has already had a huge impact on this year’s squad. Senzel has the ability to hit for power as well as average and he proves it time and time again just like last night in St. Louis. Like when he drove in one during the the crucial 4th. Senzel is in his first season, yes, but I really think he will be the impact player for the franchise much like Joey Votto or Brandon Phillips. He will change the landscape of the Reds and he will continue to soar…this season is just the beginning. While his defensive reading could use some work, his clutch hitting and his baseball IQ bring a ton of promise for the future. He is currently hitting .264 with 4 home runs and 13 RBI in only 29 career games. He is still learning how to play at an elite level day in and day out, but he’ll be here for the long run and I like his chances.

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#4 Jesse Winker

This may shock a few of you as well, but Winker has all the necessary tools to be a star in Cincinnati. What he brings is a certain comical aspect as well as the essential tools to be starting outfielder everyday in this league. Winker, much like #3 on this list, is a fan favorite and has gone through ups and downs this season, but he hitting .236 with 18 RBI, 29 runs, and 10 home runs. He started with a huge slump and has since recovered. But perhaps his most memorable thing of this season was his “bye” to the Mets as the Reds stormed back to win the game thanks to his sliding catch. Winker is another player that could be a Votto and I think Winker and Senzel are going to be manning the outfield for years to come.

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#3 Derek Dietrich

This is my favorite player on the Reds right now. Dietrich not only plays the game with the utmost swag, but he also makes the game entertaining even when he’s not even in it. In the beginning of the season, the Reds were in a “bee delay” and Dietrich came out as an exterminator to rid the ballpark of the issue. As seen above, he painted on a fake mustache during the throwback game and he has already surpassed his career season high in home runs with 17…oh and it’s only June. Dietrich is hitting .269 with 37 RBI, 24 runs, and a WAR at 2.0. When he plays, the Reds have a different spark about them. Being from Ohio, Dietrich always has wanted to play in Cincinnati and he was added to the team as a utility player but has become arguably one of the most important players on this year’s team. If the Reds make the playoffs, he’ll be leading the way behind…

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#2 Eugenio Suarez

Geno is a legitimate MVP candidate, well as legit as a Reds player can be. Geno is a good natured individual as well as a feared player by opponents. Much like the Chicago series, Suarez can change the game at any given moment. He’s hitting .278 with 14 home runs, 32 runs, and 40 RBI. Since May 1st, Geno has raised his average by 49 points. Over his last last 7 games, he is batting .452 with three home runs, four two-hit games and two three-hit games. During that span the Reds have won 5 of their last 7 games and closed their deficit to the Cubs. Suarez is tied for third in the NL in home runs, eight in RBI’s, and 10th in OPS. This is all including his early slump and honestly he can only go up from here. On his recent success and what has changed, Suarez claims that he just doesn’t put pressure on himself, saying “I know I can hit, I just try and do my best.” Well his best could win him the MVP.

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#1 Joey Votto

Say what you want about this pick at the top, Joey Votto is the best player on the Reds team. His baseball IQ is off the charts, his fielding ability is amazing, and his plate discipline has taught the team everything they know. Votto has been in Cincinnati over a decade and this has possibly been his hardest season. He struggled to begin the year and I even called for him to be sat more or even sent down like Schebler was…but since then he has reached base in 20 straight games so thank you for reading, Joey. Joey not only has a .309 career average, his career WAR is 58.8. Although that sits hit at 129th all time, it marks his 5th in current players. He also holds a 22 game on base streak against the rival Cardinals, including 2 hits last night beating the shift. He is an amazing situational hitter which can be seen by him choking up on the bat as well as waiting longer on pitches or swinging earlier. Votto is the best player on this team and will be in the top 5 best Reds of all time.

Many people are thinking, where is Scooter? I love Scooter but he has had one amazing year. He can definitely grow from that and I hope he does but the main question is if the Castellini family will pay him the money he deserves which they notoriously never do. Let me know what you think of the list, tweet me at Soft7Juice. Remember to like us on Facebook and give us a follow on twitter as well. Now let’s go steal a series in St. Louis.

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