Remember When Denzil Ware Threw a Trash Can at Geron Christian

There are plenty of ways to disrespect an opponent. One of my personal favorites is telling them that they can’t guard me, but a close second is informing someone that they, in fact, are trash.

And there are still plenty of ways to tell someone they’re trash. Dwight Howard would do it behind his teammates’ backs then pretend like they were best friends. Odell Beckham Jr. would do it in post game press conferences. Drake does it directly to Draymond Green’s face. So many ways to get the point across figuratively, but what about doing it literally?

Well, that is exactly what Kentucky DL Denzil Ware did to Louisville’s Geron Christian back in 2017. Obviously, any UK vs. UL rivalry game is going to get unnecessarily chippy and will often come to blows after the whistle. And this game was no exception:

Sure, Kentucky lost this game 44-17 and Ware got thrown right on his ass, but this was one of the funniest things I have seen Baker planted the flag in the middle of Ohio State’s field. Call him “classless”, whatever that means, but he for sure got his point across.

Author: Wic

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