The Zaire Wade Recruiting Anomaly

Zaire Wade, the oldest son of NBA great Dwayne Wade, is entering his senior of high school this coming fall at Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles. He will be joined by LeBron’s son, Bronny James Jr. Dwayne Wade is determined to have his legacy carried on through his children, but right now, the future is not as bright as one would think for a child of an NBA Star. In fact, Zaire only has two D-1 offers from power 6 schools.

Zaire Wade currently has an offer from Nebraska and DePaul. Not exactly blue blood programs. Nebraska is coached by Fred Hoiberg who coached Dwayne at the Bulls and DePaul heavily recruited Dwayne until ultimately losing him to Marquette. One would think that the bloodline of the Wade family would be very attractive to recruiters. But currently, not a lot of programs seem to be taking the bait. However, the Wade’s are no stranger to a lack of attention. Dwayne Wade only had three offers going into college, but that was due to a lack of exposure.

Zaire, on the other hand, has been on the radar of every recruiter since he was first getting started in the AAU circuit. Which begs the question: why doesn’t anyone want this kid? Watch his highlights from his junior year and be the judge.

He looks pretty impressive and definitely has all kinds of untapped potential. My only guess for why he isn’t getting as much attention from top programs is that he isn’t playing the best competition. Watch the video again and look closely at the kids he is matched up against. Not exactly the competition that grabs the eye of a Coach K or John Calipari.

Hopefully, teaming up with Bronny Jr. out in Cali will get him even more exposure and hopefully they play some more talented competition. I think colleges need to see that he can be an elite competitor before they pull the trigger on a scholarship offer.

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