Best of the Reds Farm System

We’re at a point of the year where the trade deadline is a little under 2 months away and June and July are make a break for most teams. You’ll see teams take a chance on their farm system or completely just trade it away. But for the Reds, I really think they should trust their farm system and really believe they could make an immediate impact like Nick Senzel has. Here are the players to watch out for.

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Hunter Greene

Unfortunately for the Reds, one of their best prospects can’t make and impact this season and that’s just because he had Tommy John surgery. Greene is someone who has the potential to be another Luis Castillo figure in the rotation. He was drafted as a infielder/pitcher but the Reds shifted all his focus to the mound and it was the best decision. This allows him to focus all his attention on his pitching where he can easily reach 97-100 on any given pitch…with tons of ease. His changeup has shown a ton of promise as well and once he gets back to throwing, he’ll be up in the majors in no time. Expected: Next Season

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Taylor Trammell

Trammell has proved to be better than anticipated. Everyone knew how athletic he was, but his actual baseball IQ has impressed tons of people inside the Reds organization. While he has a ton of room to grow, I could see him being called up later this year when the MLB allows them to expand their roster but realistically the Reds outfield is jammed as it is. With Dietrich playing anywhere and everywhere, Winker, Senzel, Puig, and presumably Schebler again at some point, there just is not a ton of room for him right now. The only thing that scares me is his hitting ability. While he hit .277, he also had over 100 strikeouts but that just comes with repetition and plate discipline. Expected: Late 2019

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Jonathan India

Perhaps the best hitter in the Reds farm system, India could be another Senzel. While he is listed as an infielder, I could see him changing positions in the near future because the Reds could use his bat. His plate discipline is unparalleled and his ability to drive the ball gives him a bit of power as well. He is so athletic and has such a strong arm, they could play him anywhere but 3rd, his natural position. While his first two years at Florida were average, his junior year allowed him to show out and become a top 10 pick in the draft where the Reds scooped him at 5th. India could very well be called up this season, but if Geno remains healthy and so does Scooter when he eventually returns, I don’t see him coming until next year at the earliest. Expected: 2020 or later

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Tony Santillan

Now this is who I expect to come up in the near future. He struggled in 2016, improved in 2017, and then again improved more in 2018. Santillan took the biggest leap of any Reds pitchers in the 2017 season and has continued to impress everyone. In 2017 he finished 5th in the organization in ERA and strikeouts. He throws consistently in the mid 90s with tons of movement and his changeup is improving to be above average. While his changeup took away work from his slider, it still continues to be lethal with tons of movement as well and I think he could be called up this season. He has the ability to be a starter, but his stamina needs to improve. I think the Reds, if they want to, could call him up during July/August to add depth in the bullpen and then work on him next offseason to bring him into a starter. Expected: 2019

If I missed anyone, tweet me @soft7juice and feel free to argue with me. Always here for that.

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