Realistic Expectations for 2020

Yesterday the NBA deadline came and went and there seemed to be a ton more players come back than really anyone expected. For Kentucky, we got what we wanted. Junior Nick Richards and Sophomore EJ Montgomery both decided to come back to Kentucky in hopes of improving their game as well as bringing home a title to the Bluegrass. Another player returned to college that could have a huge impact on Kentucky’s season, but that’s if he decides to make the transfer.

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Kerry Blackshear Jr announced that he decided to return to college last night in order to get his Masters as well as improving in the game he loves. I have heard three schools that he will choose: Kentucky, A&M, and Florida. Florida has no big man and they desperately need Blackshear to even think about being competitive next season, but with Kentucky having Richards and Montgomery back would he even come? A&M offers comfortability with Buzz’s system and the staff, but he wants to propel his game so why would he go back to a staff that ultimately slowed him? Blackshear came back to improve his game and what better way to do so than against top talent every single day in practice.

Virginia Tech forward Kerry Blackshear Jr., right, and Virginia forward Mamadi Diakite battle for position under the basket.

Without Blackshear, Kentucky is still going to make some noise. For the first time in the Calipari era, we will have a plethora of sophomores, mixed with a junior, and a senior. Wic talked about the potential lineup for next season here, and I agree wholeheartedly with it. The Richards return shocked me, as my sources told me otherwise but sources can always be wrong. But Kentucky has the size, the depth, and the speed to run the table next season. But I truly believe in my gut, that Blackshear will be a Wildcat. He came back to improve his game and Kentucky is the best place to do that. Now it’s rumored that he wants comfortability and that’s with Buzz or his hometown Gators, but if he truly wants to improve his game there is only one place to go. I’m predicting Kentucky and he will joined Sestina and grad-transfers that will impact Kentucky’s squad. Again, this is just my gut feeling not based on anyone else.

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Kentucky is set for a huge season with the return of both of their big men and both of their guards. Mix that in with some elite recruits and a possible graduate transfer in Blackshear and Sestina, Kentucky is in the driver’s seat of college basketball again. Something else that will be fun about next season, Louisville seems to be relevant again. Chris Mack brings in a top 10 recruiting class mixed with a few veterans like Nwora and it feels like 2012 all over again. Personally, I think Kentucky has the major edge against Louisville and I wouldn’t be shocked if Louisville just flat out sucks because I do not think Mack is the right guy, but they could also make the Final Four. I think Kentucky will win #9 and anything less than the Final Four will be just disappointing. So I ask you, what are you expectations?

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