Brad Calipari Leaving Kentucky

Brad Calipari has announced that he is leaving Kentucky as a graduate transfer with 2 years of eligibility remaining. Honestly this is a little of a shock due to his dad remaining at Kentucky but this gives him the opportunity to actually play and get some minutes and a smaller school with the potential to have an impact.

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Back in March, Calipari said this was a possibility and that he would always support his son. This gives Brad a chance to make a name for himself but it also gives other walk-ons an opportunity to play for the Cats. But one thing that this also allows, if and when Brad comes back for a game to a standing ovation, we will also get more Brad Swag.

But all in all, good luck to Brad and thank you for coming to the BBN for a few years and providing countless laughs.

Author: Juice

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2 thoughts on “Brad Calipari Leaving Kentucky”

  1. So proud of you, you in my book an outstanding young man wish you the best luck in life good luck in college wherever you decide to go and I hope you further your career in basketball and that is awesome be just like your father your mother is beautiful I hope you still get some good brownies always can taste them but I never did get a try one love you young man


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