Playoff Predictions 2 Months In

Well we’ve officially been playing for 2 months now so we have an idea of how teams will preform. I wrote earlier of my predictions, but since then some things have changed. Let’s begin in the American League…

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AL Wild Card: Red Sox @ Rays

The American League East is the second best division in baseball behind the NL Central. The Yankees will win the division and they’ve proven that by winning non-stop with their B-Team playing daily. The Rays have been a surprise and a decent one at that while the Red Sox can’t seem to fully find their stride yet. But how fun would this be? These two teams hate one another and have been electric on the field so far this season. The Red Sox handed the Rays their first 2 series losses this season but one thing the Red Sox haven’t been able to do is play consistently. I really would love to this because it brings the literal big dogs going against the little dog and if this is what happens, give me the Rays to set up a showdown with the Yankees.

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ALDS: Astros vs Indians

I’m going to keep this one the same as mentioned above…I know the Twins are showing out right now but I just have more faith in the Indians than I do Minnesota, so I think they’ll gain back the ground and find their groove again. This has become a matchup that everyone just expects anymore. The Indians have zero competition in the central while the Astros only competition is the Athletics. There is really no reason to go further into this because the Astros are just the better all around team. Their pitching and their hitting is far superior than the Indians so take them to win this series in 5. ‘Stros advance.

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ALDS: Rays vs Yankees

Just like the Rays Red Sox, this could be the little dog against the big dog. The Yankees have yet to be healthy all year yet they sit with almost the best record in baseball and I think they’ll have the best record once their team returns to full strength. The Rays are a bit surprising but their rotation continues to be their strength. They also completely won the trade with the Pirates getting rid of Archer and gaining Meadows and Glasnow. I think the Yankees win this series in 4 due to just always finding a way to win and when they are healthy, they’re hard to beat.

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ALCS: Astros vs Yankees

The matchup that everyone has wanted since the 2017 postseason. When they went to 7 games in `17, the Yankees almost pulled off one of the most shocking World Series appearance in history. But with the young talent growing up, this sets up to be the best ALCS we have had in recent history, maybe ever. I think the Yankees hold the advantage here and in a way I think they will bring the confidence they brought in 2017 and run away with it. With a healthy team, this Yankee team cannot lose to anyone. But what scares me is that they always have injuries. If they are healthy, they win this series in 5 in Houston, but the Astros have a chance. If the Yankees rotation isn’t healthy and Judge and Stanton are out, they will not beat Houston. But, I like to think that they’ll be healthy. Yankees in 5 and advance to the World Series.

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NL Wild Card: Reds vs Cubs

I wrote about this the other day and the potential of these two teams meeting in October, and well it will happen. The Reds are an up and coming team who reminds me a ton of the Cubs in 2015, the year they shocked everyone but lost in the NLCS. I think with Castillo and Suarez, the Reds have what it takes to make it past this game. With a healthy team, including Scooter coming back shortly, the sky’s the limit with this team. Give me the Reds.

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NLDS: Reds vs Dodgers

I have no rationale behind this only because the Dodgers are 5-1 against Cincinnati this season but for some reason I believe the Reds get past this Dodgers team. Three straight years of the World Series seems likely for LA, but this Reds team just strives when they are the underdog and I truly think they can run past LA in 4. They’ll be at home in Cincinnati and it will be absolutely wild. With their pitching becoming a force to be reckoned with and their hitting finally awaking, the Reds are looking more and more like a contender every day. I’m taking them and Puig to the NLCS.

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NLDS: Braves vs Brewers

The Brewers are figuring out what it takes and they’re doing it with the NL MVP. Yelich has become the hero of this team and he shows no sign of stopping. The Braves on the other hand are a team that started slow and has found their way as the season has progressed. I think the Phillies will even out especially with Harper being a bust this year. Give me the Brewers in 5.

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NLCS: Reds vs Brewers

The NL Central is the best division in baseball this season. With the Reds having the young core mixed with a few vets, the Brewers returning virtually their entire NLCS team from last season, the Cubs being the Cubs, and the Cardinals choking everything away like usual, two of these teams will make the NLCS and this is my guess. The Reds are improving daily while the Brewers are standing firm. I think the Reds magic runs out here though and the Brewers win in 6.

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World Series: Brewers vs Yankees

The World Series will include the New York Yankees for the first time since 2009. They have the young core and the pitching depth as well as a few ferocious hitters. I think they are no match for anyone when fully healthy. The Brewers will become the new Dodgers and will be the next NL team to fail to knock off the far superior AL team. I think the Yankees still win raise the trophy. Give me them in 5.

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