Cub Killers

This past weekend the Cincinnati Reds marched into Wrigley and took two out of three from the NL Central leading Cubs. Going into the series, the cubs had won 12 out of their last 13 series with the only loss being to Cincinnati earlier this month. Well, now they have lost only 2 of their last 14 series due to the Reds essentially becoming Cub Killers.

On Friday, the Cubs took an early 4-0 lead and hopes were slim for the Reds. They fought back to bring it to 5-4 entering the 9th and then something magical happened…Eugenio nailed a 2-run shot for the Reds to take the lead and they would hold off to win. This win was the most satisfying of the weekend because we saw the Reds give up their lead a few days before to the Brewers and it just shows how this team is equipped to always make a run. This game will be huge for the Reds as they look back, this could be the game we look back on that began the turnaround.

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Saturday was going to be a big day, but yet again they were slow out of the gate falling down quickly only to tie it in the top of the 8th 6-6. Then it happened, the pitching fell apart as the Cubs went on to win 8-6, scoring both in the bottom half of the 8th. Sunday was a beautiful day as the bats were awake and Roark pitched his best game in years as the Reds rolled 10-2. Winning this series is a huge momentum swing for the Reds as they begin a 7 game homestand. They need to go 5-2 during this homestand and it will allow them to gain some ground and fight back to .500.

This series showed a lot to me. The Reds had 42 hits in this series, the highest since 1976. The offense took off and they never gave up, even though they lost Saturday. It may just be because they hate the Cubs as much as everyone else does, but this just proves they can hang with the best competition and they shouldn’t be scared of having to play there in October. I think the Reds are turning the corner and I will stand by this take until the day I die…The Reds will beat the Cubs in October to advance to the NLCS. Remember this and let’s go Redlegs.

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