Cleveland Cavaliers: Lotto Reaction and Where to Go

As a die hard Cavs fan, I am slightly relieved we did not get the #1 overall pick. Why? Well, I completely believe we would have drafted someone like N.A.W. (Next Andrew Wiggins, a.k.a. RJ Barrett) with the #1 pick. However, being at the #5 pick does not do much to soothe my soul, especially since that still puts them in prime N.A.W. range anyway.

The Cavs first and foremost need to figure out a path of the future. They signed K Love to that MASSIVE contract extension with the goal of running it back without LeBron and making a move at the East title. That “move” turned into this past season, where they finished with the 2nd best odds of getting the #1 overall pick. Hopefully there is a team that will want to take on that contract in order to push them over the edge into a title contender, but I see that as unlikely. While I do love me some Cedi Osman and Collin Sexton, it is looking like they both will need someone else to take the lead on the team. Both are not capable of leading a team offensively or defensively on the court, and will rely on a third, more dominant option in order to make the team work.

That is why the Cavs need to be looking closely at Jarrett Culver. While an iso ball player, he can play SG/SF. He is an exceptional defender, which would be great since both Sexton and Osman are both below average defenders. This means that the Cavs could be versatile enough to have Sexton, Culver, and Osman on both their small-ball and normal lineups.

Again, another short synopsis. Pretty easy when the team is a prime cash dump location.

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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