The Hall of Fame Needs a New Wing

Cooperstown is home to not only one of the coolest baseball tournaments a 12 year old can play in but also is considered the jewel of the MLB. Since its dedication in 1939, Cooperstown has served as the homebase for the Hall of Fame and it is one of the coolest places I have ever stepped foot in. It’s honestly breathtaking, but it just feels like there is something missing. A huge part of my life was during the steroid era, but they aren’t even considered for the Hall which is just absurd. Now before you jump on the argument train, hear me out.

MLB Purist are some of the most aggressive trolls on twitter. But even some of them can agree that there needs to be more acceptance into the Hall, especially with players that changed the game. For instance, Barry Bond deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Bonds has an MLB record of 762 home runs, 73 home runs in a season, 2,558 career walks, and a season record of 232 walks. Bonds is one of the most feared hitters of all time but yet his career will forever be tarnished due to his tie in with steroids.

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Another example of this is Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Now say what you will about both, but the 1998 home run chase may have been the most entertaining moment of the 1990s in the MLB. While McGwire won with 70 and Sosa finished with 66, this race has been seemingly erased from baseball history due to their allegations of steroids. While Sosa states his innocence, McGwire admitted to it in 2010 and so has Bonds. While there are a ton of other players involved in the steroid era, these are the highlights along with Clemens. The Steroid Era was one of the most fun in MLB history, there is no arguing that. There also comes to mind a few other players that should get Hall of Fame recognition such as Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe.

I’ve written that Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame but I couldn’t quite make sense of where to put him. Overnight I began thinking of what we could do and I feel like this is it: add another wing. The Baseball Hall of Fame was built to recognize some of the best in the game and all the amazing records held. With every sport comes a new era and the Steroid Era was just that. So why can’t Cooperstown recognize their accomplishments as well as putting them in the Hall? Baseball should add a separate wing or a seperate section entitled “The Steroid Era” or “The Great but Tarnished.” Anything would work, but to withhold these players from the Hall is just outrageous and disrespectful to everything they did for the game.

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