Playoff Reds are Near

Coming into the 2019 season, I predicted that the Reds would not only make the playoffs, but also the NLCS. After a quick 1-8 start, I began doubting everything. Since that horrendous start, the Reds have been a consistent 21-19 and they only sit 4.5 games back in the Wild Card and 8 games back in the division. It seems like a stretch, but at this point last season the Reds were over 15 games out of the wild card and there no was chance they would win the division. This year, it’s different.

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If you take away the start of the season, the Reds are playing above (barely) .500 baseball. They lost a handful of games they should not have, including yesterday against Milwaukee when they led 6-1. This is the perfect Reds season. They are just so inconsistent and it really just depends on the day. One day the bats can’t wake up while the other days it is the pitching, like yesterday. Their season has been influenced by a few players but none more important that Dietrich, Castillo, Suarez, and Senzel.

Since his call up from Louisville, Senzel has been hitting .240 which isn’t the best but his consistency and his constant spark he provides has allowed the Reds a much needed spark. I wrote about Castillo and Suarez and how they could potentially be the 19th teammates to win the MVP and Cy Young, check it out here. But arguably the most surprising player is Derek Dietrich. He has given us a much needed offensive spark every now and then and he just is the embodiment of what every Reds fan loves in their team. It won’t be easy, but the Reds can make the playoffs.

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Like I mentioned before, they’re playing above even baseball since their 1-8 start. They have been very streaky and who is to say that the Reds can’t pull off a 10 game streak? My thoughts, they can. Their pitching and their hitting would have to sync up better and they would need to get Scooter back and then it’s possible. They are doing all of this offensive damage without arguably their best hitter in the lineup. When Scooter rejoins, this team could be the real deal. The Reds have the 22nd best offense but they have been improving daily there. Their pitching is 4th best in the league and if they can continue that, they’re golden,

The Reds hitting has rarely been a issue in the past, but this season they started slow. They have been building it back up however and once they get consistent with the bats, they’ll go on a huge run. I’m not saying the Reds will win the division, but they’ll get a Wild Card. The fun in Cincinnati is just beginning.

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