The Lakers Dysfunction is Absolutely Hilarious

This may be the funniest example this year on how bad teams stay bad. The Los Angeles Lakers first sh*t the bed in the offseason after signing LeBron, assembling “the Meme Team” to put around him. After that, they could not scrap together anything passable of a season, instead having 3 players go down with season ending injuries and sliding all the way up to the 4th pick in the draft.

Since the end of the Lakers season (which resulted in them not making the playoffs OR acquiring another All-Star), the off-court shenanigans have not ceased. The “Joke Show” started off with Magic Johnson publicly stepping down unannounced to anyone, with everyone assuming he was doing so in light of the fact no All-Star is expected to sign with the Lakers. Since then, multiple “egg-in-the-face” moments have occurred for the Lakers. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane:

  1. Jeanie Buss’ private email convo with Rob Pelinka is accidentally forwarded to Magic, resulting in him seeing how much Jeanie and Rob have sh*ttalked him.
  2. No President of Basketball Operations has been hired since Magic’s resignation.
  3. Jeanie Buss has allowed people who have limited knowledge of basketball, like Kurt Rambis and Rob Pelinka, to influence her decisions and the direction of the team.
  4. An absolute sham of a head coach hiring process was conducted, where the Lakers excessively pushed Jason Kidd on every coach they interviewed, refused to offer a long deal, and refused to offer enough money for someone to justify coaching this sh*t team. What happens then? Well, Frank Vogel is hired as head coach with his top assistant being picked/hired for him (lookin’ at you here Jason “Kidd-lefinger” Kidd #RIPGoT).

Now, in typical Laker fashion, a new “scandal” of sorts has emerged. In a public press conference, Magic announced how Rob Pelinka not only talked sh*t about him over email to Jeanie Buss, but he also talked sh*t about Magic to everyone in the office.

I won’t get into how bad this looks for the organization. They seem to just hope all these scandals will brush away. The major issue I see is how undesirable of a destination the Lakers have turned into. The Lakers have turned into a dysfunctional organization in the ilk of Phoenix, Orlando, New Orleans, Washington, Chicago, Minnesota, Memphis, and New York (the Knicks that is). What do all 8 of these organizations have in common? Bad owners. Arguments can be made on either side of the aisle in favor/disapproval of the above statement (in regards to where they rank in this list), but the fact of the matter is that talks are occurring about including the Lakers on that “vaunted list of super stellar teams”. It’s sad to see an organization 10 years removed from relevancy and contender status be subject to ire and ridicule.

The worst part about all of this has to be that the Lakers are squandering the one and only LeBron James on this dumpster fire of a team. Sure, LeBron is not wthout blame here. He did join this sinking ship. However, the Lakers can’t give him a good coach, a good team, or a stable front office. Just tragic to see this occurring, especially since they will only be worse next year…unless they draft Jarrett Culver and trade LeBron.

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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