Chad Kelly and Andrew Luck: Polar Opposites in the Colts’ Backfield

Night and day, black and white, hot and cold, Andy Dalton and a good quarterback, Andrew Luck and Chad Kelly. All of these things are complete opposites. And now, the last of the group occupies the Indianapolis Colts backfield.

That’s right. The Indianapolis Colts have signed the perpetually troubled QB Chad Kelly. The nephew of Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, who just so happens to be best friends with head coach Frank Reich, has been given a second chance in the NFL. It really calls into question just how many second chances this guy is going to get. Getting cut from the Broncos was not his first run-in with authority. The dude gets kicked out of everywhere.

Early in his high school career, Kelly was suspended 7 games during his freshman season. He was later dismissed from the team for undisclosed reasons. Flash forward a couple years and Kelly is at Clemson. Constant arguments with the coaching staff gets him dismissed another team and lands him at East Mississippi Community College (Last Chance U school). Kelly ended up at Ole Miss after then gets drafted by the Broncos. Of course, he was dismissed from Denver after being arrested for criminal trespassing.

Chad Kelly is just a walking disaster. And on the same team at the same position, you have the exact polar opposite of him in Andrew Luck. The guy who has never been kicked out of anything in his entire life. He is the type of person to never outstay a welcome even the day after a sleepover as a kid. He probably made the guest bed and was out of the house by the time the host woke up like in the Blindside.

Andrew Luck does not drink. Chad Kelly gets so drunk that he wanders into a random person’s house and gets arrested. Luck was the first overall pick from Stanford. Kelly was a seventh rounder from Ole Miss. Luck started a book club. I am not sure if Chad Kelly can ever read. Andrew Luck isn’t religious and Kelly needs Jesus.

Image result for andrew luck book club

They both ended up in the NFL so who is to say for certain what works and what doesn’t athletically. But with Kelly’s millionth second chance happening, one thing is for certain. Brace yourself, the Kaepernick takes are coming.

Author: Wic

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