Jaden McDaniels Update, Plus Blackshear

According to Adam Zagoria, Jaden McDaniels has begun to discuss plans to commit with his high school coach this week. I have not seen this kind of recruitment since Andrew Wiggins, where seemingly no one knew where he was going until the day of and then on that day he announced early. Jaden could change any team he goes to, well unless it is Washington.

This recruiting battle has been something that is rarely seen because it is between a blue chip program in Kentucky and a smaller program without history in Washington. To us, the decision seems easy. Kentucky is a program that allows you to make a name for yourself while Washington games aren’t really televised or even that interesting. What comes with Kentucky, you can only find at a few other schools but he seems uninterested in that.

Image result for blackshear transfer

To me, Kentucky has a better chance of landing Blackshear than they do of getting McDaniels. McDaniels has been relatively aloof individual since his recruitment began and his personality does not seem like a fit for Kentucky, but what do I know. He still only follows Kentucky and Kentucky athletes on instagram but we all know that means nothing.

As for Blackshear, I think he comes to Kentucky. Rumor has it he isn’t liking what he hears from draft experts, but he does believe it may be easier to test the draft than start at a new program. I think he is truly a 50/50 split, but I think he ends up at Kentucky. As for McDaniels, I’m changing my pick to Washington. It just seems like that is the way he is trending and he just does not seem like the Kentucky type.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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