Bodexpress Loses Jockey in Preakness and Doesn’t Finish Last

Bodexpress may have lost the Preakness Stakes, but he won a very special place in all of our hearts. After losing his jockey at the very beginning of the race, he proved that he is a strong, independent thoroughbred that don’t need no jockey. Despite just about the biggest setback a racehorse could be hit with, Bodexpress not only finished the race without a rider, but did not finish last. Watch:

Crazy how the a horse with no jockey managed to abstain from impeding anyone else. Take notes, Maximum Security. Bodexpress still technically came in last because not having a jockey is grounds for disqualification, but that jockey who really finished last knows he lost to a jockey-less horse. How does anyone come back from that?

That’s like a NASCAR driver losing to a stock car with a cinderblock on the gas pedal.

Author: Wic

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