Sunday Watch: Game of Thrones FINAL EPISODE

All right boys and girls. This is it. This is the end. I am both happy and sad if I have to be honest. This season in my opinion as is the opinion of others, has been a dumpster fire. I think we all had the same problem, we came in with too high of expectations.

Game of Thrones has always been such a captivating show that has been groundbreaking for TV storytelling as well as everything that goes into the show. From CGI to character development, this show has been a masterpiece. However, my deepest fears have come true. I fear that this is going to end almost as badly as Lost ended. Everyone is so committed to the show, so in love with the characters, and it all will be for nothing.

Without ranting for the entirety of the last few episodes I will say I apologize for the absence, but I’m back for the one that matters. Or the one that will disappoint larger than any other. So now to do a quick recap of last episode. Dany is an absolute psychopath. She is full on mad queen killing everyone, but can you really blame her? She has lost everything that gave her power. All she has left is 1 dragon. No other support except maybe from Gray Worm who is on his own killing spree in honor of Missandei. Tryion is 100% going to die for freeing Jamie. Jamie and Cersei die in the worst goodbye I have ever seen to such developed characters. Crushed by rocks. Wow. While on the subject of Jamie as well, his fight with Euron was completely pointless. Plus, we watched Euron get blown up when Dany destroyed the entire Iron Fleet. Jon is scared and is going to betray Dany. My homie Vary’s got torched like a marshmallow, and finally my favorite part of the episode, the battle of the brothers.

The Hound cemented himself as a top 5 character for me in this episode. He saved Arya’s life and simultaneously got revenge on his brother by ending their lives where the strife between them began, in fire. Arya should have died about 1000 times in this episode and honestly I’m on the skeptic train that she’s actually dead. I have seen many people report this and the evidence is kind of good. I am all about conspiracies so let me explain this. The horse Arya got on was dead, recap when all the Lannisters army got torched and the horse was stabbed. Arya as engulfed in flames on her last “escape”. She rides away into the sunlight where everyone else around her is dead but she somehow lives. Finally, in the preview for tonights episode it seems that no one can see her and no one will talk to her. AKA she’s totally dead and the conspiracy is real.

Back onto my ranting though. I love this show as so many others do, and I just hope they end it in some justice. I think that Dany is going to die. I think Jon is going to still say no to the throne and return as Warden of the North. I think Tyrion will die, Arya is dead, Gray Worm will kill himself or Jon will kill him, and somehow Sansa or possibly Gendry is going to end up on the throne. It would be some kind of poetic justice if Sansa ended up on the throne since she was suppose to marry Geoffrey in the first place.

For the first time I actually hope that Bran is in an episode so we can understand what the hell is supposed to happen. Here’s where I’m lost. There are too many holes left in each characters stories that I think won’t be explained in this last episode. So Brienne is just a broken heart knight now. We have no idea what happened to Sansa recently. Jon is pissed. Dany is crazy. I’m just lost. I Honestly think this has been such a crazy season in many good and bad ways and I just hope and pray they will end it well. So just to finally predict who will end up on the Iron Throne, I think it will be Sansa…ugh.

Let me know what you think will happen in the end. Let me know what your thoughts are on the close of one of the most legendary shows ever. Finally let me know what you think of this article! Please comment and follow me @soft7pork as well as our Soft 7 twitter account @soft7sports.

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