Next Coach for Michigan Basketball

On Monday, John Beilein left Michigan after 12 seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers. A head coach leaving a college program in mid-May leave puts the school in a tough spot, so who will Michigan call and who will Michigan hire?

People that Shouldn’t Answer the Phone

Brad Stevens (12/1 odds). For some reason, people link Stevens to every college opening since he left Butler. He’s coached his last college game. Let him go.

Billy Donovan (7/2 odds). This all changes if Oklahoma City fires Donovan, but he’s not leaving for college either. It took Fred Hoiberg almost a whole season of NBA teams not wanting him before he settled for a college job.

Realistic Hires

Juwan Howard (3/1 odds). It’s like a poor man’s Patrick Ewing situation. Howard has been an assistant coach since 2013 makes sense for him to be moving up. Why is it a poor man’s Ewing? Howard was no Ewing and Michigan is far less prestigious that Georgetown.

Johnny Dawkins (+2200). Dawkins just came off a compelling run with UCF. Falls and his Dawkins’s son are both done at UCF. Now is the time to jump ship for a better job.

Chris Beard (+325). Beard is another guy losing a lot of talent this offseason. With Culver, Mooney, Owens, and Francis leaving, Beard needs to strongly consider whether he wants to stick around Lubbock.

Unrealistic Hires that Would be Interesting

Rick Pitino (+475). Like Stevens, Pitino has been linked to every job opening since he departure from Louisville. Unlike Stevens, a lot of the college jobs would be an upgrade for Pitino. Pitino brings a lot of basketball acumen and arguably even more baggage.

Porter Moser (+2200). Moser needs to leave Loyola University Chicago if he wants to cash in on his 2018 Final Four appearance. However, Moser has turned down several other jobs, including St. John’s. If Moser doesn’t cash in soon, he much get stuck with the DePaul job.

Bobby Hurley (+2200). If Michigan wants a guy who starts hot and fades when it matters, then Hurley should be at the top of the list. His Sun Devils have had an above .500 record in the Pac-12 Conference just once in his four years there. But hey, he went to Duke and is entertaining on the sidelines.

Weird Rumors

LaVall Jordan (+900). It makes sense to hire from a place that doesn’t miss on coaches (as long as you ignore Brandon Miller). However, Butler has a better reputation for hiring coaches than Jordan Butler has a coach himself. Butler made the tournament in Jordan’s first season there, but Butler has yet to do anything of interest under Jordan.

Steve Wojciechowski (+2200). Another Big East coach, Wojo is building a resume that will likely land him a bigger job. However, Marquette has National Player of the Year candidate Markus Howard coming back, so the timing is just not quite right for Wojo to go.

Best Hire

Luke Yaklich (+600). One of Beilein’s assistant, Yaklich is probably the least sexy hire out there. That’s half of the appeal. Yaklich’s presence greatly improved the Michigan defense over the past two years, and he was a head coach in high school for 14 year. Plus, sticking with a guy who has been there might keep the Michigan players from transferring.

Probable Hire

The Michigan Athletic Department might have a flair for dramatic hirings (See Harbaugh, Jim). Michigan is obsessed with Michigan Men and they will likely introduce a Michigan Man as their next head coach: Juwan Howard.

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