Chris Paul and Blake Griffin Scaring Young Hoopers Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Beyond Scared Straight on A&E is an excellent TV show. I don’t care about the scared straight program or if it even works in the long run, but I do care about the hilarious moments. If you haven’t seen the show, basically parents that are worried about their children’s behavior enroll them in a local prison’s Scared Straight Program. This is where they let actual prisoners, who may or may not have murdered people, cat call six graders. Doesn’t get much more entertaining than that.

Now, I am not sure why this happened, but Chris Paul and Blake Griffin decided they were going to scare some young basketball players straight in the locker room. And it was hilarious. Take a look:

What makes this even more amazing is how they chose two of the least intimidating people in the NBA. Chris Paul being just 5’6″ and Blake Griffin looking like a full grown gingerbread man makes this that much funnier.

“You think it’s fun being friends with Melo?” This had me falling out of my chair. To be honest, even knowing this was a joke, that question really made me rethink wanting to be a basketball player. Being in the NBA and being friends with Melo is like going off to college and one kid from back home visits so often that people start to think he goes to school there too, but in reality he still lives at home and calls him mom his “roommate.”

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