Kentucky 2020 Predictions, Jaden McDaniels Update

We have officially passed the letter of intent deadline and there is still no word on Jaden McDaniels. The Federal Way High standout has decided to keep his recruitment very quiet with virtually no hints whatsoever, but there might be a hint lingering out there. This means nothing so take it with a grain of salt, but…on instagram Jaden McDaniels only follows one basketball teams social media. To spare you the 5 seconds it takes, it is Kentucky. Again, this could mean nothing but according to KSR, they were told “watch instagram.” This could be the thing they meant…or not.

As far as Kentucky goes, their 2020 season could be one of Cal’s best. Their frontcourt could be the best Cal has ever had as a full unit, minus 2015 with the Twins, Booker, and Ulis. We’ve got Hagans, Quickley, Maxey, and of course, Brad “Swag” Calipari. The last time Kentucky returned 2 guards (the Harrison Twins) the team went 38-1, so the mojo is real. Also, let’s pray Brad keeps bringing the heat with his attire. I hope he starts wearing them to the game like NBA players do. If you haven’t seen it, check out some of our favorite here.

Their guards are proven, but the forwards aren’t so much. We’ve got Whitney, Allen, Brooks, and Zan Payne who may or may not get any playing time. Brooks and Whitney will be legit and Allen would be too, if he can stay healthy. Nate Sestina is the only one who is proven in this group, so I expect some clutch moments from him as well as some veteran moves just like Reid brought last season. We could also see McDaniels join this group, if and only if he ever decides to make his college decision public.

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Lastly, it brings us to the centers which there are none. Junior Nick Richards and Sophomore EJ Montgomery could be a thing and it seems like it will. Montgomery has so much potential and it was sidelined due to PJ having a monster year and Reid being better than advertised. I think EJ could be a stud and maybe the most electric/most frustrating player on the team. If he can play every game like he did against Mississippi St last season, the squad could be crazy lethal. As for Nick Richards, I still have hope. He has shown glimmers of talent here and there, but his issue is consistency. Hopefully, if he comes back, he can be back better than ever and have a huge impact. There is also a chance that Blackshear comes to Kentucky (who is the favorite to land him) but there are conflicting reports of him staying in the draft or going to a new program.

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Kentucky has the 2nd best odds to win the Title next season at 8-1 (tied with Duke) while Virginia has 5-1 odds. This Kentucky team has a ton to prove, but once it is all said and done this team has what it takes. They may start slow which some Cal teams do, but do not panic and just be patient. I trust my coach and I love my team. Is it November yet?

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