A Couple of Champions

Yesterday Seth Rollins confirmed what many had speculated…that he and Becky Lynch are dating and it seems like they have been for awhile. The picture posted on Instagram showed the two embracing after Seth’s victorious moment over Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Of course later that night, Becky Lynch became Becky Two Belts and has completely stolen Rollins’ thunder but what a powerful couple they are. The question is, how long do they hold the titles?

This Sunday the Money in the Bank PPV will be held in Hartford, Connecticut. But this one seems different than ones in the past. There has always been build up, but it seems it’s been primary focused on the three major fights…all three involving the new power couple in the WWE. First off, Seth Rollins will go up against AJ Styles in what probably be one of the best matches of the year…unless WWE messes it up. Both Seth and AJ are unreal talents and with them pairing up anything could happen, well except Seth losing his title. It took him long enough to get his hands on the title, I don’t think he loses it quite yet. It’d have to be a bigger PPV like Survivor Series before I’d worry about him losing it. Becky, on the the other hand, is different.

Becky is going up against two talented women, one who has one the most titles in female history and one who is new to the scene. There’s two things that could happen. She could win both or spilt and I hope she splits. I love Becky, I love what she has done for the Women’s movement in wrestling but she should not keep both titles. Flair should win and take the Smackdown title. By doing this, it allows Smackdown to have their title as well as push new people forward. While I hope she loses to Flair, I hope that she smashes Lacey Evans. There are rumors Vince is so high on Evans, but I don’t think he’ll have her win yet…wait till Wrestlemania. I think Flair and Becky will be the better match but I think she only beats Evans. Keeping Becky on Raw is what they need to do, considering there is so much more talent there with Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, etc. It’d be dumb to have her back on Smackdown. So here’s to hoping Vince doesn’t mess this up…again.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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