Padres Change Their Twitter Handle to Madres for Mother’s Day and It Gets Stolen Immediately

In honor of Mother’s Day, the San Diego Padres changed their username on Twitter to @Madres. Big time equality, solidarity and respect move. Especially from a baseball team. But by changing their Twitter handle, it, of course, made the original @Padres username available to be taken, and that is exactly what happened.

Ole Ricky pulling a fast one on an entire Major League organization.

Whoever’s brilliant idea it was to vacate a verified Twitter handle is going to be in a world of hurt come Monday. Just like website domains, usernames can be worth a lot of money, especially to the right person… such as the organization that once owned it.

If I were Ricky, I would try to leverage this into some cash or maybe some box seats. At the very least, I would settle for a signed Machado jersey and a hot dog. But the Padres Madres may not have any money to spare after paying Machado and Hosmer a total of $400 million. So, before giving it back, Ricky decided to have a little fun with the account. People tweet at the Padres account all the time and Ricky decided to respond to some fans’ requests.

But in the end, it looks like Ricky came away empty handed.

Author: Wic

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