Happy 14th Birthday to the Man, the Myth, the Legend, LEEEROOYYY JENKINS

What began as a typical game of World of Warcraft for the “Pals for Life” clan, quickly became one of the best videos the internet has had to offer.

Goddammit, Leroy. He basically made the Pals for Life clan look like the Dothraki versus the Army of the Dead. Turned that 32.33%, repeating, of course, to zero real quick. To think that 14 years ago today, a brave knight led a charge comparable to that of the Light Brigade and changed the world… both turned out the exact same.

So, we salute you, Sir Leeroy. Not only for the valiant effort on the battlefields of wherever World or Warcraft takes place, but what this did for all hilarious YouTube videos that came after it. For a lot of us, this was the first video we ever saw on the internet. Either this, Shoes, or Charlie the Unicorn.

For making gaming cool and the internet a better place, thank you but goddammit, Leeroy.

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Author: Wic

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