Lakers Fans Protest Outside Staples Center

After their 6th straight season missing the playoffs and the embarrassment of Ty Lue turning down the head coaching job, the Lakers faithful has had enough. You know an organization has gone to shit if even Ty Lue does not want to come there. There were plenty of reasons why he didn’t accept the job, but all of the Lakers’ failures can be boiled down to horrible management. Fans want Jeanie Buss’s head on a stake and are even calling for Kurt Rambis.

I can see where they are coming from. One of the most storied franchises in the NBA needs to be better. There was a reason they were great; there is a reason they have the second most championships. But instead of hiring people who have front office experience or knowledge of how to run an NBA team, they hired former players like Kurt Rambis and Magic Johnson. While they do have expert knowledge of the game, that doesn’t always transfer to front office practice. So, with how fired up Lakers fans are, there are surely thousands of fans protesting, right?

A group of only dudes standing around on their phones. Looks more like a Sigma Pi “party” than a protest. At least they are offering some solutions.

Step 1: Sign LiAngelo Ball
Step 2: Draft LaMelo Ball
Step 3: Hire LaVar Ball

Can’t argue with that. To be completely honest, there has not been a better solution offered. The one thing about this protest that is most surprising is that no one seems to be blaming LeBron James. That’s a breath of fresh vino to him, I’m sure.

Of course, Clippers fans stopped by to gloat and even Suns fans came by to brag about how much more stable they are.

My advice to the Lakers: You all are bad now, just accept it. Have some fun. Maybe instead of being showing up the Staples Center with pitchforks and torches, you should celebrate you inadequacy and maybe other fans will like you.

Image result for browns perfect season parade

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